Wednesday, June 15, 2011

40 Days Until I'm 40.

On July 25th, I will turn 40 years old. This is an important milestone and I have been taking stock of my life over the past months as the day approaches. With 40 days to go until I'm 40, all I can come up with is a profound feeling of overwhelming gratitude. I feel very blessed to have lived the life I have thus far. I have such loving and generous people in my life- I am so fortunate to have the family of relatives and friends that I do. I am exceptionally grateful for a life that has always granted me all that I need. To that end, I've decided to use my birthday as a vehicle for helping those who are not as fortunate.

I know lots of people say this, but I say this because I mean it; I seriously do NOT want any form of a gift for my birthday. That said, funny cards (paper or e-cards) are always welcome. Here is my truth; the best birthday present for me is the presence and the love of the people I cherish. However, if you still feel compelled to "give me a present" then this is what I want: Please donate whatever amount you would have spent on a material object towards my fund raising campaign for abused factory farm animals.

I have chosen to raise money for Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. I am so pleased to have come across this amazing organization and I'm thrilled to be able to finally be able to support a Farm Animal Sanctuary whose clear message of complete animal non-use and vegan advocacy is front and center in their mission statement. This is something that is at the core- the essence- of who I am and what matters most to me.

You can learn more about Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, their work, their advocacy, and the amazing non-human residents/refugees they've taken into their sanctuary on their website at

You can make a donation at and please feel free to share this link with others... even those I do not know. In this way, I hope that the occasion of my 40th birthday becomes a vehicle for spreading peace, love and non-violence to those who are voiceless, left-for-dead, and often ignored. That's how you can make this the best birthday ever for me... and for some wonderful non-human persons, too.

Thanks so much!


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